Saturday, June 25, 2011

Citizen Pete Responds to Senator's Call for Help

PPPS (Denver) Below is a copy of an email sent by one of our loyal readers, Citizen Pete, in response to Colorado Senator Mark Udall's request for help in reducing government waste, fraud and abuse. In our role to educate and inform, and to patriotically assist our government during these troubled times, we have printed a portion of the Senator's appeal, and Citizen Pete's generous response. We encourage other readers to offer their own suggestions to our hard-working Senator.

Senator Udall's Urgent Newsletter Appeal 

Dear Fellow Coloradan,

Too often in Washington D.C., Congress tends to focus on creating new programs and regulations, while sidelining an equally important role of the legislative branch: overseeing and reforming laws that are already on the books .....

I want to hear more about how we can make government work better for you, and you are the experts I need. Help me identify government waste, abuse or excessive red tape that you see in your daily life by submitting a “citizen report” through my website.

Submit a Citizen Report

Citizen Pete's Suggestion

Dear Senator Udall:

The U.S. Senate has failed to propose or pass a budget in over two years. This failure to act on its constitutional responsibilities has allowed our government spending to balloon to unimaginable levels of deficit and debt and is "hindering our economy from reaching its full potential."

I suggest we suspend payment to members of the Senate until they fulfill their duties. The Senate has clearly become a wasteful, abusive and excessive government entity.

You work for us, but you are not doing your job. 
Get to work!

Citizen Pete
Littleton, CO

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