Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pundit Pete Predicts GOP Race

PPPS (Denver) Pundit Pete, in consultation with Prognosticator Pete, has evaluated the 2012 Republican presidential primary contest. Here is how Pete sees the contest shaping up.

  • Sarah Palin will announce by the middle of October that she will not seek the presidential nomination in 2012.
  • Instead, Palin will endorse Herman Cain, prior to the Iowa caucus.
  • Herman Cain will be the 2012 GOP presidential candidate, after narrowly defeating Mitt Romney for the nomination.
  • Cain will pick Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate.
  • Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich will run as third party candidates together.
  • OK, OK, I just threw that last one in to see if you were paying attention.
  • Cain will crush Obama in the one debate that Obama reluctantly agrees to attend.
  • Cain will win the presidential election in a landslide.
  • Upon inauguration, Cain will grant a waiver to all citizens for the last small portion of the Obamacare bill still left after the Supreme Court has overturned most of the law.
  • Over one million Tea Party activists will attend the inauguration, but will not leave even one scrap of litter on the mall.
  • Updated Prediction (04-Oct-2011) On the day after the Cain inauguration, Governor Chris Christie will hold his 258th press conference reiterating that he is not a candidate for President in 2012. Rumors will begin circulating about 2016.
  • Update (27-Oct-2011) You can now follow Pundit Pete on Twitter
Update: 03-Dec-2011


  1. This is one Independent who will not be voting for the herman cain - Palin or no one....

  2. Anonymous -

    I sure hope there aren't too many more Independents who feel the same way, 'cause that might just throw off my prediction. I'm counting on you not talking to too many other folks, or posting your comments anywhere.


  3. I wonder how many times Christie is going to have to say "NO!" for people to actually believe him. People seem to not believe him so much, I wonder if saying "YES!" would make people think he's not running...

  4. Ok, you got lucky and got the first one right. And the next one is probably gonna happen too. And maybe most of the rest of them as well (ignoring the stupid Paul/Kasinich thing). But that one about the Tea Party - that is absolutely absurd - its gonna be more like 2 million!


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