Tuesday, August 16, 2011

White House Releases New Video for Jobs Campaign

.............BREAKING NEWS UPDATE...........

PPPS (Washington) In a breaking news update, PPPS has learned that sometime tomorrow the White House will release a new informational video on the President's Midwest Bus Tour to promote the President's New Reinvigorated Focus-Like-A-Laser On Jobs Campaign.  

The new jobs campaign adopts Nobel Prize economist Paul Krugman's fake alien threat economic recovery plan as a template. Krugman, a frequent White House visitor and presidential confidant, and one of the smartest and most respected economists in the world today, recently discussed his plan on the CNN show GPS with host Fareed Zakaria.

The new White House video, titled  Lego Space Police Alien Attack, reflects the President's adoption of the Krugman plan as part of a new and aggressive campaign to create jobs and rescue America's flailing economy. A formal premier and fundraising event showing the new video will take place at the end of the President's bus tour in Princeton, New Jersey.  However, our PPPS crack team of researchers has obtained a brief preview of the new jobs campaign video, seen here first time.


Hat tip: Zombiebricks for space alien video.
and to CNN and eyesopenwide2 for our distinguished Nobel Laureate video

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