Saturday, February 18, 2012

Interesting Press Release About Tea Party Protest in Colorado

PPPS (Littleton) We received this interesting press release this morning about a potential Tea Party protest here in Colorado, dispelling the myth that the Tea Party is dead. We'll be sending Protester Pete to cover the event.

Protest to Shine Light on Rising Gas Prices and On Government Decisions Affecting Citizens

Individuals in Jefferson County will draw attention to rising gas prices and government decision making when they assemble peacefully on the pedestrian bridge over Wadsworth Boulevard on Saturday, February 18, 2012, at 1–3 P.M.  

Littleton, CO—February 18, 2012—Citizens of Jefferson County, Colorado, will gather on the pedestrian bridge at Southwest Plaza today (Saturday) to point out rising gas prices. They will also highlight the impact of government on their lives. 

Organizers plan to post a “Flash Card Message” on the bridge; it is a fairly inexpensive means of communicating, which can be duplicated by citizens in other communities. In the message today they will juxtapose a decision by local government and a decision by federal government, in order to get people thinking about how government is working, or not working, today.  

“The poor decisions made by our government officials locally and nationally impact us all in higher gas prices and a dampened economy,” said Peter Boddie, organizer of the event, who is also a blogger and Tea Party activist. “Government needs to stop preventing American citizens from working and really stepping on the gas to spur this economy.”

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