Friday, July 20, 2012

A Prayer for the People of Aurora, Colorado

Lord, we pray for comfort and strength for those families facing unimaginable grief this morning. Surround them with your love and bring angels to their aid.

Lord, we pray for those in the hospital and their families and friends. Bring courage and hope and your healing touch.

Lord, we pray for the medical staff. Guide their hands this day.

Lord, we pray for the police and paramedics and other first responders. Guide them as they do their jobs, help them to protect and assist their community, and protect them from recrimination and trauma.

Lord, strengthen and guide the clergy and members of faith communities. Give them the words to say and direct them as they help others in the Aurora community.

Lord, we pray for healing for the Aurora community. And we stand with them against further evil - the evil that works to divide, to bring greater pain, to destroy hope, to inflame anger in situations like this. 
In the name of Jesus Christ, we say no more to evil. You have no power here, you may not interfere. We stand together with our friends in Aurora, and love shall prevail.


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