Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nancy Pelosi Knows Boos

PPPS (Littleton)—Apparently, the speech that GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney gave to the NAACP in Houston has created a stir in the political world, and perhaps a bit of controversy.

Photo Credit: mallyroyal at Daily Kos
During his speech, Romney was booed by the otherwise polite and welcoming NAACP crowd when he mentioned and then criticized President Obama's health care plan, which Romney referred to using the controversial label "Obamacare." Many on both the right and the left initially characterized Romney as courageous for broaching this somewhat sensitive subject and for standing on principle in the face of a less-than-supportive audience.

However, PPPS has learned of another story beneath the story, which paints an entirely different—and somewhat disturbing—picture of the Romney speech and his reference to "Obamacare." In fact, this new information has caused us to question the very character of this man seeking the highest office in the land. This back story was revealed by an honorable and objective politician former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Ms. Pelosi, no stranger to partisan political attacks from those who oppose the idea of women in high office (part of the GOP's  "War on Women"), deftly identified the true motivation behind the Romney speech. 

 “I think it was a calculated move on his part to get booed at the NAACP convention,” Pelosi told Bloomberg Television's Peter Cook.

Ms. Pelosi's comment is both astonishing and disturbing.The idea that a politician, especially a nationally known leader in the party, would stoop so low as to manipulate an unsuspecting crowd into booing or otherwise expressing negative reactions is shocking. The possibility that he would do it for the sole purpose of creating a photo op or for some other political advantage is truly outrageous and a sad commentary on the state of partisan politics in our nation today.

We know readers will want to understand the insight and honesty expressed in Speaker Pelosi's statement, so we thought it best to post a video of Pelosi herself. Our readers can judge for themselves.

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Correction: Apparently we posted the wrong video of Speaker Pelosi. We've asked our technician, Projectionist Pete to correct that. 

Newsflash Update: Romney now accused of purposely manipulating NAACP audience to elicit a standing ovation at end of his speech, which he was invited to give, for the purpose of influencing independent voters.

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