Thursday, July 19, 2012

President Reveals Truth - Business' Thankful

PPPS (Littleton)—In a surprising speech in Roanoke, VA last Friday President Obama revealed the truth about the nature of business and our economy and why his plans to increase the government are so essential to his reelection economic growth.

The President said, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." And of course, by somebody else, he meant the government.

At the Pundit Pete Press Service, we agree with the President. It's fair to say that we owe most of our success, and the fact that we have become a nationally known and influential news source, to the Obama administration, and the government programs and pronouncements that are so often the subject of our news stories.

Without the Obama administration, and friends of the administration like Speaker Pelosi, or Harry Reid, just where would we go for source material to operate our business? Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid and Mr. Obama supplied the very inspiration that started Pundit Pete in his pundit career.

Perhaps it's no secret that the main stock in trade for PPPS is satire.  And even though at times we just make stuff up, there is still a need for raw material; for inspiration to create and embellish upon existing news. There is no better source to meet our needs than that supplied by government: local, state or national, all are essential to the business of satire.  But until the Obama administration came along to help, there just was not enough material to go around, and certainly not enough to fuel a start up business like PPPS. So here's to you Mr. President. You've hit the nail on the head and we are eternally grateful.

And apparently, we are not alone as a business in benefiting from the work of others, particularly the government.

We interviewed Tea Party activist Citizen Pete and his lovely wife Citizen Caryn about their successful Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party messaging business, and Caryn's new writing and blogging effort, Western Bluebird.

As Citizen Caryn indicated, "Without the worry that woke me in the middle of night last November, the worry about what our government was doing to the citizens, why I would never have received that idea of posting messages on a bridge, not in a million years. And even now, it is government that inspires me to post my Western Bluebird blog."

And Citizen Pete took it even further in his thanks for the government help. "Look if "free" federal money had not been available to our county officials to spend, they would never have decided to build that useless pedestrian bridge we call the Bridge to Nowhere. Then where would we be? Why out in the cold with no place to hang a sign."

Citizen Pete, not one to shy from conversation once engaged, continued "We owe the very existence of our Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party to government assistance: for motivation, for inspiration in creating messages, and for our national exposure through blogs, talk radio, and through other Tea Party groups and organizations, who are all equally inspired and motivated by the government that helps them. Without government, and especially the current administration, I don't even think we would have a Tea Party, any Tea Party, anywhere." 

At this point, Pete choked up, and with tears streaming down his face, haltingly added,  "I don't know how to say it........I just can't put into words how appreciative we are of the help we've gotten." Unable to continue, Pete directed us to this letter to explain how he felt.


  1. The bar business in my hometown is booming, Pete. We can't think of anything else to do but get blasted. It's the "Numbing of America". This is just one of many happy unexpected consequences of the Obama era. Hair-plug specialists are overbooked as more people tear their hair out. Television sales are brisk, and, coincidentally, so are brick sales. Your post is right on the money.

    1. Tom - Thanks for your comment, and for your additional examples of why so many business' are thriving thanks to the Obama administration. I'm sure it won't be long before the rest of the nation catches up with Montana and our entire economy is booming once again.

      By the way, I checked out your blog On the Right Side, and although the Pundit Pete Press Service is a truly non-partisan endeavor, I do appreciate that there are bloggers like yourself who take sides politically - in your case, on the right.

      I especially like your article about "free money". I suspect our frequent contributor and local Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party radical Citizen Pete might agree with you on some things.

      Keep up the good work and come back some time. God bless,
      Pundit Pete


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