Friday, September 7, 2012

An Apology to Our Readers - WE ARE VERY SORRY

PPPS (Littleton)--We, the staff at the Pundit Pete Press Service want to apologize to our loyal readers for the dearth of reporting and posting over the past month or so. We've been indisposed.

Or to put it another way, WE HAVEN'T BEEN GETTING PAID.

Funds have apparently gotten a bit tight, thanks to the need for our staff attorney, Pleader Pete, to defend against a regulatory action against PPPS by the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. The DOJ-CRD claims we don't have enough diversity on our staff, although a simple review of our staff list clearly contradicts that assertion. With the recent hiring of our new Minority & Diversity Issues Editor, Pigment-Challenged Pete, we are hoping any misunderstanding along those lines can be resolved quickly.

In order to make ends meet, our leader, Pundit Pete, had to revert to working his day job, even on weekends. He got so busy that he forgot to review and approve many timely news stories. And he forgot to sign paychecks.

Picture from the porch of our cabin,without the bear. - Pundit Pete
Then Pete went on vacation deep in the heart of the Colorado mountains, out of reach of the internet and cell phone coverage. Something to do with his anniversary. Go figure.

In his absence, and without getting paid, the staff resorted to playing video games, instead of researching and posting stories. We hope you can understand, and forgive them.

But now all is well, thanks to a little cash infusion from our benefactor, Philanthropist Pete. We just ran to the bank and the checks cleared!

The staff are happy once again and have resolved to rededicate themselves to bringing you the fair and balanced reporting that you have come to expect.

We thank you, our loyal readers for your continued support.

Oh, and one other thing. Keep buying those t-shirts.

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