Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Clinton Speech on Libya Murders Omits the Word "Freedom"

PPPS (Littleton)—We just watched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's speech in response to the murder of our ambassador to Libya last night.

Secretary Clinton did a good job of honoring the two murdered State Department personnel, and we stand with all Americans in honoring their service and sacrifice, and that of the two brave Marines whose names have not yet been released.

Make no mistake, this was not an angry mob action, as the press is calling it, but a planned attack by Islamic radicals timed to occur on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. The claimed outrage about the Youtube film is just a ruse, perhaps used to inflame the crowd, while the professional terrorists did their deadly work.

America, we are at war with radical Islam, and this is just one more tragic battle.

But what we find disturbing is the response by our own government, in which Secretary of State and the President are responsible for conveying. In addition to the initial apologetic tone presented in response to the Cairo embassy attacks, Secretary Clinton's official response this morning failed to convey an important American principle and value which should be at the forefront of our dimplomacy around the world.

In her carefully crafted response, the Secretary failed to use the word "freedom". Instead, she twice substituted the word "progress",  at a point where nearly every American would naturally have used the word "freedom".

Watch the speech for yourself. We'll post it here as soon as a copy is available.

If in a moment of crisis like this, on the anniversary of the greatest attack on American soil, the leader who represents our diplomacy around the world, fails to list FREEDOM as an American value, maybe it's time to recall that leader and her boss in the White House.

Thanks to ABC News for posting the video on Youtube.


  1. I heard the word 'free' once. But the comments, especially those starting around 09:11, are chilling and left no doubt. Good catch!

    1. Bonnie - Thanks for both reading my post AND checking it's accuracy by viewing the video.....something that I was not able to do myself.

      I wrote the blog post immediately after viewing Secretary Clinton's statement live. I was pretty upset and had to get my observation written down and posted. However, being live, and not having thought to push the record button on our TV, I could not go back and view it again. I then had to leave for work.

      I posted the video a bit later after I searched for it on YouTube, but being at work, did not have time to view it again. Sometimes first impressions are the most accurate, but not always, and it certainly pays to check. Thanks for performing that service. I find it interesting that the time you noted was 09:11 - pretty scary, huh?

      Bonnie, you are a true Patriot. Keep it up.


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