Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year's Resolution Note from Patriot Pete

PPPS (Littlteton)—We thought we would share this early morning note and attached photograph, in the form of an apparent New Year's resolution, which was delivered by a mysterious man on horseback who presented himself following a polite but forceful knock upon our door:

Dear Editor:

It is with profound Sorrow and Concern for the fate of our Great Republic that I must remind you of the painful letter I sent you in 2011, and of how little Progress has been made since that time, and that Liars and Thieves still occupy the White House and roam the halls of Congress in Washington, DC.

9/12 Rally in 2010 (click to enlarge)
Therefore,  upon my Oath to uphold our great Constitution and to Defend our Republic, I hereby Resolve and make this Pledge, that henceforth, for the duration of 2013  and beyond, as necessary, and within the bounds and responsibilities extended to all Citizens from God through the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and in accordance with all applicable and legitimate laws and rules of a Peaceful Society, that this shall be my Solemn Moto and Vow:


It would please me greatly, if on my behalf, you would be so kind as to extend to the Chief Occupier and President, Barack Obama, currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and to his Chief Agitator and Race Hustler, The Dishonorable Al Sharpton, address unknown, this letter, and my heartfelt acknowledgement and appreciation for the Inspiration they provided for said Solemn Moto and Vow.

Penned this early morning, on the day of our Lord, the 1st of January, 2013.

Patriot Pete
Peetz, Colorado

Editor's Notes: Upon receipt of this letter from Patriot Pete, we did a little research to place it into context for our readers. 

First of all, Patriot Pete did indeed send us a "Painful Letter" in 2011, which we published on July 23 of that year. Pete's message remains surprisingly applicable to the current "Fiscal Cliff" crisis our country is undergoing now. Therefore we think our readers would benefit from reading Pete's earlier letter again.
A Painful Letter from Patriot Pete — July 23, 2011

We also believe we may have found the context for Patriot Pete's puzzling pronouncement and apparent New Year's resolution: RESIST WE MUCH!

One source appears to be the President's recent interview with David Gregory in which he stated "Absolutely, there will be resistance" to his proposals to limit 2nd Amendment rights. Another source could be the President's December 14th interview in which he labeled Republicans as "resistant".

As for the curious message "Resist We Much", we believe we may have found a remarkably similar statement made by the Reverand Al Sharpton.


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