Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Voices on the Issues - Gun Control

PPPS (Littleton)—In the interest of fully exploring the issues of the day and exposing our readers to different points of view, PPPS is starting a new series of topic articles we call New Voices on the Issues.

Our first topic is Gun Control and we will add voices to the topic as we find them.

Our first is from this young man named Mr. Colion Noir who posts videos on gun issues. This one is most excellent.

How to Stop Mass Shootings

You can follow Colion on Facebook and Twitter, as well as his YouTube channel.


Another New Voice on the Gun Control Issue is from a fellow blogger, Citizen Caryn, who writes the Western Bluebird blog. We think Western Bluebird does a fine job of explaining the issue of our 2nd Amendment rights under the Constitution. We encourage you to read it.

How to Understand Your Rights: Amendment II



Update April 3, 2013

Fifteen Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless


Update April 10, 2013

John Lott, Fox News

Once in a while, one of the other major news organizations (besides PPPS) gets something right or publishes an opinion which challenges the status quo. Since that it is so rare, it can legitimately be considered as a new voice. 

In this case, that new voice belongs to John Lott, who writes for Fox News and has offered this amazing fact check of the President's promotion of new gun laws and background checks. We guarantee you will learn something you did not know before.

Fact vs. fiction on background checks and gun control


Update April 10, 2013

Mark Levin

Mark Levin is a popular radio host, constitutional scholar and author. And although he can hardly be considered a new voice in the gun control debate or on many other issues, we felt that in the instance, Mark is sounding an alarm so compelling, that it must be heard.

An Up or Down Vote on the 2nd Amendment is Unconstitutional

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