Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Call to All Patriots, Inspired by the People of Egypt

PPPS (Littleton)—On rare occasions, our CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Pundit Pete, offers up his opinion. This is one of those times, on the day that our nation celebrates our independence.

A Call to All Patriots - Inspired by the People of Egypt
On this July Fourth, when our nation celebrates its great beginning, I cannot help but look to current world events with recognition of some irony.

On this day, our own Republic is in peril as our freedoms are slowly eroded; liberty is taken from us bit by bit in ways hardly noticed by a complacent populace. Yet, today we celebrate our independence from a tyrannical government and the nation that was built from the declaration of that independence.

Across the ocean is a land where freedom has been a foreign concept since the time of the ancient rulers called pharoahs. In Egypt, the people have risen up and thrown off their old yoke of tyranny. Today they celebrate, having declared their independence from a tyrannical government. The road ahead of them is uncertain but they are probably more filled with hope than dread, hope that they can build from this new independence.

Which nation will be a beacon and which will be a nation in decay? Today, on our Independence Day, it is sad to think that our nation is on the road to being the the latter while Egypt is the former. Still, we must celebrate our brothers and sisters in Egypt today and pray for the viability of their new found liberty, for which they will have to fight.

Americans have had to fight for liberty. It required sacrifice, and still does every day, both on battlefields far away and at ballot boxes and in court rooms at home—and now in the media.

Let us be inspired by the people of Egypt as we turn our focus once again to the fate of our own fragile republic. We must gather all patriots and throw off this slowly encircling noose of government, of a dependence society, and of fraud and corruption in our public sphere, and of political correctness.

Are we to be indendent or dependent? Let each citizen decide and act, just as each Egyptian citizens decided what he or she was for when they signed petitions and gathered in Tahrir Square to make their voices heard and their presence known.

Happy Fourth of July 2013!

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