Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's Happening at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver

PPPS (Denver) - Conservatives from around the western U.S. have gathered in Denver this weekend for great food, great speeches and networking gone wild! The Pundit Pete Press Service is there to gather intel on the conservative movement.

You can watch a live feed from the conference here.

We'll be interviewing some of the speakers and some of the participants throughout the conference, so keep checking back for updates.

Saturday, July 27th

The morning session began with KT McFarland who is hopefull about America's future, provided we can turn back the disastrous policies of the current administration.

Guy Benson, John Andrews and Michael Barone participated on a panel discussing the question "Who owns the future?" Mary Katherine Ham also participated on a live feed from her home because she is soon to give birth to her first child. All were very impressive. However, given the disastrous deficit spending of our federal government, I think that the question should have been rephrased to: "Who owes the future?"

Victor Davis Hanson discussed "The Moral Bankruptcy of Liberalism". Unfortunately, we had assigned Progressive Pete to cover that speech. We found him later, in the bar, wracked with guilt and unable to file a story.

Great people and organizations we've met today.

K. Carl Smith of the Frederick Douglas Republicans gave a great talk about how to thwart the race card and win over liberals of all persuasions and ethnic backgrounds by explaining the conservative principles of that great American and former slave.

Our "man on the street" reporter, Pedestrian Pete interviewed Tom Intorcio of Patirot Voices about that organization's grassroots efforts to promote conservative values and economic freedom and opportunity. 

Friday, July 26th

Friday's sessions got off to a slow start because a previous conference group at the Hyatt Regency Hotel went over on their time. But all was forgotten when keynote speaker Governor Scott Walker took the podium. He was followed by Mayor Mia Love from Utah, and up and coming young conservative star to watch. Our own PPPS reporter, Political-Beat Pete was able to ask her a question after her speech.

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