Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pundit Pete Solves Global Warming Controversy

PPPS (Littleton)—Now that President Obama has solved the problems in our economy, is creating numerous new part time jobs, is carefully managing the volatile situation in Egypt, and has resolved all of the scandals affecting his administration, he has appropriately turned his focus to solving the one remaining issue that threatens mankind - Global Warming.

At the Pundit Pete Press Service, we are happy to announce that, based upon a new study recently published by Professor Lu at Waterloo University in Canada, and certain lifestyle changes made by our own leader, Pundit Pete, Global Warming is no longer a threat to the planet. Thankfully, the President can set that issue aside and focus on planning his next vacation.

Here is the article which will allay the President's fears and those of our readers:

Global Warming Caused by CFCs, Not Carbon Dioxide

And, we are proud to document Pundit Pete's contribution to solving the problem and saving mankind (women too).

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