Monday, August 15, 2011

White House Releases New Theme Song for President's Bus Tour

PPPS (Washington) In an effort to assist in President Obama's Midwest Bus Tour to educate and assign blame for our nation's economic woes, the White House today released an uplifting song and music video to serve as a theme for the tour.

The song, titled The Government Can , builds a strong case for increased government intervention in the economy and our personal lives. It is hoped that the song's positive message will go a long way in turning the tide of pessimism, caused by the Tea Party, which has been gripping the country of late.


In the morning press briefing, during which the video was played, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney denied claims that both the video and the bus tour were connected to the President's reelection campaign, and stated "The President makes extraordinary efforts to separate his time spent in creating jobs and improving our economy, from time spent on his campaign, which is of course secondary to his responsibilities as President." 

In response to a question from ABC News Correspondent Jake Tapper about where vacations and golf fit into the President's priorities, Carney responded "Any chief executive as hard working as President Obama naturally needs time for rest and  recreation in order to so successfully handle the immense responsibilities of the job."

Rumors that the new video was actually just a recycled version of the famous song and video by musical celebrity Tim Hawkins, which made it to the top of the charts during the 2009 debates over Obamacare, could not be confirmed.

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  1. there is a song just in cnn's hands called white house theme by Gary Jones that should be released. It will really lift the reelection voice

  2. Heard the song.its still a great time for its release with the fight over health care


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