Friday, October 12, 2012

Reactions to the VP Debate

Photo Credit - Reuters
PPPS (Littleton)—As part of our continuing 2012 Election coverage, the Pundit Pete Press Service attempted to set up a forum to gauge our readers' reactions to last night's Vice Presidential Debate.

Unfortunately, a hacker accessed the site and posted inappropriate photographs on our forum page and we shut it down.

So, instead we offer these reactions from our staff and contributors.

The old guy won. 
Precambrian Pete, Senior Historian

The young guy won. 
Pleistocene Pete, Junior Historian

They both looked like old guys to me. 
Protester Pete 

I thought Martha looked HOT!
Hey, did you get the pics I sent?
—Promiscuous Pete, Hacker-in-Chief

It was all just a-bunch-o-malarkey.....which is a good thing. 
As for who won, I'll have to side with Biden, who was one of my idols growing up.
—Pilferer Pete, Chief Plagiarist

Shoulda given 'em boxing gloves n let 'em really duke it out. That woulda been more entertaining.
—Persnickety Pete

I predict that Joe Biden will be given a starring role in a sitcom on NBC after January 20th.
—Prognosticator Pete

I thought the whole debate process lacked the formality appropriate to the Office of Vice President. Why, back in the day, when I covered the Nixon and Kennedy........zzzzzzzz. 
—Patriarch Pete, Pundit Emeritus

I heard that Joe Biden had been drinking or smoking weed, or both.
—RePete Pete, Gossip Columnist

I don’t know.

Vice President Biden has such a nice, infectious smile and laugh, and he’s been in on so many important conference calls. He just made me comfortable, I guess.

But that young Ryan fella, he’s so serious and kind of argumentative. I may have lost count, but I think he interrupted the Vice President at least three, maybe even four, times. I just don’t think he gave the Vice President proper respect. That made me a little uncomfortable.

I guess I’m just not sure that you should trade horses in the middle of the stream right now, not with Iran about to get nukes, anyway.
 —Progressive Pete

Last night's debate, along with the Presidential Debate in Denver, bore Witness to and provided Sufficient Evidence of, the Leadership Deficit under which We the People have born much Suffering for these four long years. 

If the people vote to reelect that Clown and Imbecile, Joe Biden, And that Incompetent and Imposter, Barack Obama, to another Term in office, then all may be lost. Our Founding Fathers will roll over in their graves. 

But I am confident in the Wisdom of the People. On that illustrious 6th Day in November, We the People will exercise our God-Given Rights and Vote to put these Scoundrels out of office, so that they may no longer Endanger Our Republic.

Written this day, the 12th of October, Year of Our Lord 2012—Patriot Pete


  1. Lol, patriot pete is right.

  2. Is "Progressive Pete" really State Senator Bob Bacon?


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