Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Romney/Ryan Rally at Red Rocks - A Photo Essay

Note: this photo was posted on The Kitchen Cabinet 2012 Facebook
PPPS (Morrison, CO)—Fresh off of the Debate on Monday night, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan came to the Red Rocks Amphitheater near Morrison, Colorado last evening. PPPS was there. 

The Red Rocks Amphitheater officially seats about 9,500, but with people sitting along the edges, the crowd was well over 10,000. Up to a few thousand people were turned away once the venue filled.

The Romney Rally was in a perfect setting, the magical Red Rocks Park, located at the base of the foothills west of Denver and just above the Town of Morrison.

The setting, Red Rocks Park (PPPS photo, 2012)
It was a warm sunny autumn day, which led into a very comfortable warm evening. To our surprise, when PPPS arrived at the event we immediately ran into Citizen Pete and Citizen Caryn, longtime PPPS readers and members of the infamous Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party.

As we were discussing what a beautiful setting this was, Pete proudly announced, "Oh we know, we can see Red Rocks from our front porch."

One hour before the start (click to enlarge) Citizen Pete photo 2012
An hour before the event started, the amphitheater was already about 1/2 full and cars were beginning to back up onto Highway C-470.

The stage with singer Rodney Atkins (click to enlarge) PPPS, 2012
Close-up of the turf. (Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party Photo)
Our inside sources indicate that the Transition Team for Presumptive President-Elect Mitt Romney may already be seeking bipartisan solutions to some of our nation's most difficult challenges, but we have yet to confirm the rumor that they hired Senior Obama Campaign Adviser David Axelrod to install Astroturf on the stage for the Red Rocks event.

Other sources tell us that the turf was real and installed by a local grassroots Tea Party organization.

A smiling Citizen Caryn really enjoyed the event (PPPS photo)
One of the celebrities spotted at the Rally was Citizen Caryn, the ideas person behind many of the Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party activities and writer of the respected Western Bluebird blog.

The crowd arranged themselves to form a giant C for the Colorado flag.
Paul Ryan about to speak. PPPS Photo, 2012 (click to enlarge)

As Paul Ryan, and later, Mitt Romney came on stage, the slightly partisan crowd went wild. They were introduced by New Mexico Governor Susan Martinez.

A great time was had by all.

Based upon the turnout and enthusiasm on display at the Red Rocks Rally, we would not be at all surprised to see Colorado go big for Romney in the upcoming election.

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  1. Red Rocks is a magical place to have an event. It simply adds to the energy.


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