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Debacle in Denver, Magness Meltdown, Romney Romp - Citizen Pete Weighs In on the Debate

PPPS (Denver) —As our readers probably know, we had a large contingent of reporters covering the Presidential Debate at the University of Denver. However, we encountered a few technical difficulties, and as of this morning, not one of our reporters has posted a story. 

Someone called us and said that after the debate, they saw Progressive Pete looking a bit depressed, and as they described it, a bit under the weather at a local pub near the campus. He was in a large group of journalists, all of whom looked depressed. They were drinking heavily, and someone had to call a cab to take Pete home. The caller also said that they thought they saw TV personality Chris Mathews, face down and passed out in a corner booth at the pub. But they weren't sure.

We also got a report from a reader that Pedestrian Pete, while interviewing people in the crowd after the debate, was openly ridiculed and laughed at as he posed his questions. At one point Pete had called and left an angry message on the PPPS message line. It was pretty garbled, but he seemed to be swearing at the "idiot who came up with these stupid post-debate questions." We haven't heard from Pete since that evening message.

Pundit Pete and Pollster Pete were also at the Presidential Debate event, and were actually interviewed on KNUS Radio. But shortly after the interview, they were confronted by a small group of Tea Party activists, who verbally assaulted them about "Media Bias" and "Skewed Polling". Then someone in the group handed each of them an In-The-Tank Top shirt and taunted them to put them on. At that point, both Pundit Pete and Pollster Pete decided to leave, out of concern for their safety (Tea Party activists are well known for their violent tendencies).
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This morning, both Pundit Pete and Pollster Pete have been very busy fielding questions, and we have to admit, some criticism, about our September 29 polling story, which included a formal calling of the election for Obama. We suspect that most of the criticism is from competing news organizations who wish they had the courage to call an election early, and from bloggers, who everyone knows are not real journalists.

In any case, for various reasons, we do not have any formal stories to post about last night's Presidential Debate at the University of Denver. Therefore, we decided to post this account, received from our loyal reader, and sometimes contributor, Citizen Pete.


Citizen Caryn & Citizen Pete at DebateFest

I (Citizen Pete) and Citizen Caryn attended DebateFest at the University of Denver last night- an outside campus event with music and giant screen TV's for watching the debate, while the chosen few got to watch it inside the Magness Arena. It was a lot of fun.
Steve Kelly
While at the event, I bumped into Pedestrian Pete who was interviewing people in the crowd. After a few weird questions, which seemed to be skewed in favor of the President (I was wearing a Romney sticker, so I don't know why he didn't ask me about that), Pete informed me that one of his Denver Radio Heroes, Steve Kelly, was also interviewing people in a nearby booth.

Being a bit shy, but encouraged by Citizen Caryn, I made my way over to the KNUS Radio (AM 710) tent to see what was up. Steve Kelly, on break, and seeing my Romney sticker, encouraged me to have a seat and be interviewed about my thoughts on the Presidential Debate, which was going to start within the hour. 

However, just before the interview began, two Pundit Pete Press Service personalities, Pundit Pete and Pollster Pete, showed up and kind of shoved me out of the way so they could have access to the microphone. Since we were only seconds from going on air, I decided not to make a scene over their rude behavior. As it turned out, Steve Kelly was actually interested in my opinion despite the interruptions from the two Pete's. I was pretty nervous.

As the interview got started, Pundit Pete immediately interrupted, trying to get in plugs for the Pundit Pete Press Service web site and a recent news story. I didn't really mind that so much, since I like your site myself, and actually have it bookmarked on my computer.  

But then Pollster Pete began interrupting, talking about some crazy poll of Deceased Voters done by the Pundit Pete Press Service and another organization, something with Acorn in the name. It was all pretty confusing, and a bit discouraging, since the poll seemed to indicate that Obama was going to win in a landslide. 

I have to admit though, that Pollster Pete was pretty funny. I remember one line he gave that went something like this; "In the professional polling business, we use the term Deceased Voters, although most people refer to them as Dead Voters, and in Chicago, they are just called Family." 

That made Steve Kelly laugh. 

Pundit Pete then interrupted and made a bold statement that PPPS had already called the election for Obama. He seemed pretty proud about his prediction.
After that, Mr. Kelly posed some questions directly to me. He asked how I thought the debate would turn out. Despite one other interruption from Pundit Pete, I was able to convey my own view and prediction that Romney would do well and that Obama would be exposed for his lies and lack of leadership.

Here is a recording of the Citizen Pete/Pundit Pete interview, courtesy of KNUS Radio, Denver. Here is a link for the entire Steve Kelly remote podcast from DebateFest at the University of Denver, October 3, 2012.

I felt honored that someone was actually interested in my opinion, and frankly after reading this morning's news reports about the debate, I think my prediction was right on the money.

But enough about me. I think your readers might be interested in our observations about the activities and mood at the DebateFest event.

The crowd at DebateFest included a large contingent of DU students and a good mix of other folks as well. We got tickets because Citizen Caryn is a DU alum, having graduated with our son Robin in 2009 (very proud of both). I would guess that the crowd was about 2/3 Obama supporters with the remainder a mix of undecided and Romney supporters.

The debate was projected on some large screen TV's arrayed around the DebateFest area, outside on the DU campus. When the debate started, everyone was very focused.

After the first couple of rounds, many of the Obama supporters looked shocked and stunned into silence. I don't think any of them had actually watched Romney debate before or heard any of his arguments outside of a few clips and the filter (slant/outright contempt) of the mainstream press. I am talking real shock and perhaps a little horror. And as for Obama, they had never seen him exposed like this - no one ever confronts him from the press. But there he was for all to see, in the presence of a competent debater and a REAL leader.

The point was not lost on the independents and open-minded in the crowd. There were a few cheers/applause for Obama one-liners, but no real enthusiasm. Romney clearly got more applause and from a lot more people than you would expect from the limited number of Romney supporters in the crowd.

We left after watching about 1/3 of the debate because of wind and cold (our first cold evening since about last March). But after watching the rest of the debate at home, it looked like Romney did as well or better than the portion we watched live.

The DebateFest venue gave a very enlightening and honest reaction to the debate, much more so than for the crowd inside at the Magness Arena, who could not applaud or shout out comments. I think the fact that mostof the people at DebateFest were Obama supporters made it even more fun to watch. I am confident that a lot of young people left with an open mind and many were converted to Romney supporters.
Chris Mathews doing remote at DebateFest

And the best part. That slimeball Chris Mathews was doing a live remote on a stage at one end of the DebateFest area. How's that leg feeling about now, Chris? 

Oh and one other thing. People around here are calling the debate the:

Debacle in Denver 
Magness Meltdown
Romney Romp 

What do you think. - Citizen Pete


Note to Readers: We will post a link to the clip of the Pete's on the radio and to the full KNUS podcast as soon as they become available.

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