Saturday, November 26, 2011

Citizen Pete Sends Us Something Priceless

PPPS (Littleton) Our loyal reader and occasional contributor, Citizen Pete, sent this comment on the Tea Party Bridge to Nowhere protest recently covered by the Pundit Pete Press Service.

Dear Editors at the Pundit Pete Press Service -

I just have this to say about that stupid Black Friday protest at that bridge.

Butcher paper, poster board and paint for sign making.  

$ 75

Pedestrian Bridge to Nowhere.

$ 3 Million

Giant billboard for posting Tea Party messages.


Your friend,
Citizen Pete

P.S. Non union labor was used in sign making and posting efforts.



  1. I drove by and honked. It was one of Black Friday's greatest events, for cryin' out loud.

  2. Kudos to Pundit Pete for ferreting out this festering financial foolishness.

  3. I love sarcasm! PP you are my new hero. I have 2 idiot sisters that live in CO. Both of them voted for Obama. Neither of them would let a black man in their house but they like the cocktail parties that they get invited to.

    I have 2 new signs for Occupy...."I don't care how many laws you pass, I am still not going to like gays"! and "I don't hate the rich, I hope to be one someday"!

    An American American

  4. To ecscott: 4col you could have caused an accident with your honking. Please be more careful next time!

    To Vince: Hey, you look a little familiar....mmmm.....well, anyway, thanks for the compliment. But when posting any alliterations, stick to the P's please.

    Carol - At PPPS we love hero worship. Keep it up! Not sure what you meant by the sarcasm reference though. Anyway, you might want to direct your 2 sisters to drive by the Bridge to Nowhere sometime. There just might be a message for them.

  5. P.S. to Carol -
    Pious Pete has indicated that according to our newly posted PC protocol and diversity manual, we are no longer able to accept comments from American Americans, as that does not fit one of our prescribed categories of Americans. For future posts please select one of the prescribed racial or ethnic identifiers from the protocol list (to be posted at a later date).

  6. Liberalism at it's finest! I believe the study on Pedestrian traffic indicated about 800 people cross the intercection on the weekend. The Study also estimated the bridge would be used by 17% of of those 800 people. So if my math is correct that's 136 people per week using the bridge. Let's round The figure up to 150 per week... 3M divided by $7,800 people/year is $384 per person who walks over that Bridge!!!!

  7. Speaking of P.C we can't even say "Sit indian style" in the class room, they say, sit Criss cross apple sauce. We cant speak of Christmas in the class room but yet we can speak of every other nationalities religion and beliefs. Most schools are Democratic, when are they going to get the picture it's not working for them. 20 Billion a year is sent over seas from Illegal and H1B visas that live here, work here but yet send the money home. This, should be taxed. We have the highest unemployment rate but yet the Governor of New York wants to remove caps from H1b Visas... Isnt that like, bring a guy in the hospital for gun shots and then just shooting another round into him? I dont understand why people want to make us go from bad to worse? Its almost like we are personally trying to make us, I hate to use it, but the next rome. Like we are purposely trying to F' ourselves.

    We need to start worrying about ourselves and give the big, high, long middle finger to other countries. We need to make legal, legal, illegal just that. We need to tax the shit out of companies that are based in the U.S but outsource their jobs. We need to force companies that lay to continue paying employees until they find work, in the case of lay off. IN the case of merger, companies should be forced to keep employees for 2 years.

    The way things are now, everything that is wrong is right and everything that is right is wrong.

  8. Anonymous -
    Woh! I guess our PC Protocol response to Carol really hit a nerve. Might you be another one of those radical "American Americans"?

    You really have a lot to say - too much for me to comment about here. And you got Pious Pete a little upset with your "F" reference.

    But I have to admit that I certainly think your last statement is right on!

    My suggestion - find yourself a bridge, post a few signs, then sit down and ponder that right versus wrong thing. You are really onto something there - kind of like what the Tea Party is trying to tell everyone.

    God bless ya!


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