Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Denver Leader Quits to Join the One Percent

PPPS (Denver) BREAKING NEWS........
Kelsey Whipple photo from Westword
In a stunning setback for the Occupy movement, PPPS today confirms that Shelby, the newly elected leader of Occupy Denver has quit the movement to join the so-called "1 percent."

Questions were initially raised  last Friday when Shelby was missing from Occupy Denver's protest of BlogCon11, a conference of radical right-wing bloggers taking place at a swank Denver hotel. Even the bloggers were wondering.

VF Daily/Conde Naste Digital Archive
Now our trio of investigative reporters, Progressive Pete, Pedestrian Pete and Protester Pete, have solved the mystery.  Shelby has left the movement to move in with a member of the 1%, the very target of the Occupy Denver protests.

Although we have yet to firmly identify the culprit, we can confirm that Shelby's new friend is an Afghan and that Shelby's new home is a plush penthouse in Denver's exclusive Spire tower.

Photo credits: 
Photo of Shelby by Kelsey Whipple. See Kelsey's great article in Westword.
Photo of Afghan is from article in Vanity Fair's blog VF Daily about dogs of the 1%.
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