Thursday, November 10, 2011

Protester Pete Files First Report from Occupy Wall Street

PPPS (New York via cell phone) This is the first in a series of in-depth reports about the Occupy Wall Street Movement filed by our on-the-scene reporter Protester Pete.

Sorry for brevity.
Filing report from cell.
Batteries almost dead.
Can't upload pics.

Someone crawled into tent last night.
They smelled.
Laptop gone in morning.
Have to use cell phone.

David Crosby and Graham Nash played for crowd.
Man, those dudes are old.
One looks like Santa Claus.
Some protesters asked for presents.
I asked for new laptop.

Thoughts on Occupy Wall Street so far.

Snow, bad.
Soap, good.
No sleep.
Drummers never stop.

Why does everyone repeat things?
Chanting never stops.
Making list of protest demands from chants.

Why won't drummers stop?
Put laptop on expenses.
When do I get paid?

Need shower.
Head starting to itch.

A guy name Evan was asking questions.
I almost got one question right!
Evan gave me rolling papers.
Will try and trade for ear plugs.

Why can't police tell drummers to stop.

Battery light blinking.
Uploading expense reimbursem......TRANSMISSION ENDED

Note: Apparently Protester Pete's transmission was interrupted. We are looking forward to more stories from Pete, including his summary of the protester demands.
We encourage readers to visit Evan Coyne Malony's blog site brain terminal
and to view his documentary Indoctrinate U.
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  1. Protester Pete - I think you are really nice. Sending socks and soap. Wish I could buy you a laptop - Penelope


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