Saturday, November 12, 2011

Right Wing and Moderate Groups Contest Occupation of Denver Hotel

PPPS (Denver) In a dramatic confrontation yesterday, two groups, BlogCon11, representing right wing bloggers, and Occupy Denver, a moderate group representing the other 99 percent of citizens, clashed briefly over the occupation of the downtown Denver Crowne Plaza Hotel. Our own PPPS reporter, Progressive Pete,  had infiltrated BlogCon11 as part of his undercover assignment to report on the radical Tea Party Movement. Pete's report:

On Thursday evening, BlogCon11, an influential group of right-wing bloggers, began occupation of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Denver by paying for hotel rooms and a large conference room to be used for their radical purposes. PPPS is still researching the mysterious funding source behind BlogCon11's occupation.

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During the day on Friday, BlogCon11 attendees heard presentations on how to increase their blogging influence using corporate technology such as Facebook and WordPress, and by incorporating radical concepts such as effective use of colors in charts, networking and information on how freedom works.  Several conference attendees were seen secretly exchanging business cards and Twitter "handles".

Occupy Denver, a moderate grassroots movement representing the 99% (citizens not yet under the complete control of the radical Koch brothers and Wall Street bankers), has been forced by state government and corporate interests to occupy a very narrow strip of sidewalk near the Colorado State Capitol under conditions of inadequate sanitation and other services. Occupy Denver learned about the more desirable occupation conditions at the Crowne Plaza Hotel after intercepting secret Twitter tweets between BlogCon11 conspirators.  

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Shortly after 2 PM, Friday, members of the Occupy Denver group arrived in the Crowne Plaza Hotel lobby, determined to upgrade their occupy digs. A loud confrontation quickly ensued, with chanting and some shoving, as Occupy Denver attempted to occupy the hotel conference room. Progressive Pete, from his vantage point beneath a registration table, was able to snap this picture of the confrontation using a camera disguised as a cell phone.

During lengthy discussions, BlogCon11 demanded to meet with the Occupy Denver group's elected leader, Shelby, before they would cede any of their hard-earned hotel occupation space. The Occupy Denver group, absent their newly elected leader, Shelby,  graciously agreed to leave, assisted by hotel security staff and Denver police.  Occupy Denver promised to return with their leader at the end of the day. 

However, in a later meeting in front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the Occupy Denver group was unsuccessful in negotiating for any occupation space, having failed to produce their leader Shelby. In a PPPS exclusive, we have confirmed that Shelby has abandoned the Occupy Denver movement in order to shack up with an Afghan at a plush Denver penthouse.

PPPS is providing links to other news stories involving BlogCon11. We caution readers that these reports,  many of which are from BlogCon11 bloggers using newly acquired skills from BlogCon11, may not be up to the professional standards of a legitimate news organization like the Pundit Pete Press Service.

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