Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tea Party Not Dead - Rumor of Tea Party Protest In Colorado

PPPS (Littleton) Despite pronouncements in the media and political circles that the Tea Party is officially dead, having been replaced in the hearts and minds of middle America by the Occupy Movement, PPPS has identified rumors of an upcoming Tea Party protest in Colorado. To verify these rumors, we sent our crack reporter team to the remote suburb of Littleton, Colorado to investigate. Our team includes noted expert on the Tea Party Movement, Progressive Pete, and our now homeless Occupy Wall Street reporter, Protester Pete. Here is their report so far:

Upon arriving in Littleton, we settled into a secret subdivision home location near the community center at Southwest Plaza mall. Although at first glance, the community seemed passive, we uncovered an underlying level of dissatisfaction centered around a recently built pedestrian bridge.

It seems that some in the community are questioning the need for the bridge, which we found provides an aesthetically pleasing connection between two large, empty parking areas. A few local residents have also questioned the miniscule $3 million cost of the project, a bargain by most public works project standards, particularly when federal (80%) instead of local funds were mostly used.

Although most  people we interviewed knew neither the reason for the bridge or the actual cost, they all expressed suspicion and some inexplicable anger, apparently stirred up by recent coverage by the local 9News TV station, the Denver Post, and political blog sites.

We emphasize inexplicable, because we could not identify a single local resident who had actually walked across the bridge, or even knew of, or had seen, someone who had.

During the course of our investigation, we identified rumors of a potential protest at the bridge by Tea Party activists, including an obscure reference on a web site.

Although details are uncertain, it appears that the protest may take place at 10 AM on Friday, November 25, with parking at either side of the bridge.

We have also partially identified one of the instigators, a shadowy figure named Patriot P_____. Others implicated may include a Persnickety P., address unknown.

Check back for details as this story unfolds.
H/T for lead from Citizen P.

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  1. Does this mean Protester Pete is back in Colorado? Have him call me. - Penelope


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